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Why Choose Our Fertility Centre Kenya

Experienced Team

Our fertility center in Kenya boasts a highly skilled and experienced team of specialists dedicated to your reproductive health.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We employ the latest advancements in fertility treatments and techniques, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Personalized Care:

We prioritize individualized care plans, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs on your path to parenthood.

Where dreams of parenthood come to life, one miracle at a time

 Welcome to the Fertility Centre Kenya, a place where hope and science converge to fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent.

 With a passionate and experienced team of fertility specialists, we provide cutting-edge treatments and unwavering support on your journey to conception. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest reproductive technologies,

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Find and choose your needed service. Easily select a date and time for your appointment. Get assistance from our dedicated patient support team. Begin your wellness journey today.

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Receive Help from your Dedicated Patient Specialist

Get personalized assistance from our dedicated patient specialist, ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need throughout your healthcare journey.

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Attend your appointment and embark on your path to wellness with our dedicated team of specialists, guiding you towards improved health and a brighter future.

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Transforming dreams into reality, one family at a time.
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IVF Treatment

IVF is the most commonly used fertility treatment, with talented and supporting staff, personal and medical care


who can fill pleasure happenings in your life. Yes, you are at the right place where you can choose a surrogate mother for your baby


Chasing for, screening test executing on the embryo, for a more successful pregnancy, assisted hatching for attracting cells for testing


Hunting for Centre, which can provide you with an advanced production method, stands for Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

EGG Freezing

Opportunity to save a women’s ability of pregnancy in future, successful harvesting of eggs, the best quality of frozen eggs.

Test Tube Baby

Thinking of reproduction, beyond intimating physically, use of medical intervention for fertilization, artificial insemination,


Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that can be performed in Dubai for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Gay Surrogacy

Gay surrogacy is a compassionate and inclusive process where same-sex couples or individuals can fulfill their dream of parenthood.

Fertility Centre Kenya

Patient Story

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Patient Testimonials

testimonial 01
Mariana Lima

Every time I visit Fertility Centre Kenya, I feel stress-free to have a friendly environment. Their specialists are amazing and show true professionalism in treating patients. I am thankful for their role in our life, which help us to reach our fantasy.

testimonial 02
George Phan

My visit to a fertility centre in Kenya was awesome, their staff and fertility specialist are so friendly and knowledgeable. I had the very wonderful experience of treatment in a fertility centre in Kenya, which gave me a chance to live a full of my life.

testimonial 03
Kolis Muller

I highly recommend, fertility Centre Kenya for any fertility assistance, they are excellent in every way. They care about each and every patient individually so, that patients feel comfortable and relaxed with the professionals.