How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Kenya 2022?

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya
Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

Surrogacy cost in Kenya: worth the money

Everyone reveries for an equilibrated family and also the right to have full of the joys of spring with them, sometimes to fulfil this fantasy requires both cost and courage. But, now surrogacy treatment with versatility reached to bridge the gap between you and happiness in a new way. This new idea sparkled the lives of many couples by giving them a chance to conceive a baby.

Don’t get into shilly-shally!

We will provide you with information about surrogacy options and settle your query about surrogacy and the cost of surrogacy in Kenya.

Concept of Surrogacy

Surrogacy also called Assisted Reproductive Technique, is used by couples when they are unable to have a baby on their own. So, they go through the process of surrogacy where a young and healthy woman through gestational carrier agrees to carry the baby of the couple till birth.

In simple terms, surrogacy is an arrangement of someone’s womb for giving birth to someone else baby.

The couple picks the surrogacy option for having a child called Intended Parents and women who agree to carry the child of the couple is called surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is like grasping at straws for the couples who surrendered for not having a child.

According to World Health Organization(WHO), approx. 148 million people are facing the problem of infertility in the World. This simply means that a comprehensive amount of people need assistance with having a child. But, all are not lucky enough to have successful treatments, there are some failures and assistance due to some limits in the technique.

Why should think of Surrogacy in Kenya?

Infertility is the saturnine phase for couples, which is a hackneyed subject nowadays. Sometimes this makes them feel like hell and couples find themselves between a rock and hard place.

Kenya is in paramount for providing infertility treatments and is also known as the best place for surrogacy. Their dignified centre with advanced medical resources serves you with a successful surrogacy process.

Surrogacy in Kenya is so much easy as compared to well-developed countries, many peoples from different countries responded positively and chose Kenya for treatment.

The surrogacy cost in Kenya is more neutral than in advanced and developed countries, even anyone can easily surrogate in Kenya as many women wish to be surrogate mothers to help needy couples.

The other countries for surrogacy have indulged with tough laws which prohibit different nations and sometimes their own people. But Kenya consists no law regarding surrogacy and there are no rules for commercial surrogacy, as a result, Kenya named for the best country to help couples in becoming parents of their biological child. Even any homosexual couple, hetero, single males or females can have a baby through surrogacy in Kenya.

Kenya is free from laws regarding the surrogacy process and is available for every infertile, single, and homo parent with the best surrogacy agency which provides high results in a successful pregnancy.

Competence of Surrogate Mother in Kenya

Surrogate mother is a woman who offers her womb for carrying and delivering the baby of the infertile couple. Women should be of young age, have healthy body and mind with good backgrounded and conditions as required by couples. Women handover the child after delivering and will not have any relation with the child.

There are two types of surrogate mother available in Kenya:

  1. Gestational carrier
  2. Traditional carrier

Gestational Surrogacy: In this surrogacy couple eggs and sperm are used for assisted fertilization and then it is implanted into the surrogate uterus. This means that child doesn’t share any relationship with the surrogate mother.

Gestational surrogacy includes the IVF cycle (In Vitro fertilization) for surrogate pregnancy and is highly recommended for a biological baby of the couple. In this process eggs of the surrogate mother will not use hence, the child will not relate to her anymore.

Traditional Surrogacy: In this surrogacy, only male sperm is used and implanted into the surrogate uterus, which means that child will share genetic relations with the surrogate mother.

Gestational surrogacy is of the best top methods of surrogate concept, coz it endows biological children in infertile couples.

The course of Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya augments by selecting a woman who agrees to be a surrogate mother and will carry and deliver the baby of an infertile couple in Kenya.

The conception of a surrogate mother will totally fall under the type of surrogacy you opt for, following is the procedure for Gestational / Traditional Surrogacy in Kenya: –

Medical Scrutiny: This is the first step of the surrogacy process, in which your medical examiner will perform the selection and thorough evaluation of surrogate mother. Through screening, couples will get to know the fertile status and ability of the mother to carry and deliver the child. The screening includes ultrasound and several tests like blood tests etc.

Selection and legal terms: Couples will select the women based on their features like skin colour, eyes, health and other related criteria. Proportionately they could check the family background and also refer to the medical history of a surrogate mother.

Preparing uterus: This step includes the process of medication and egg production for a smooth pregnancy.

In gestational surrogacy, healthy eggs are required for a successful pregnancy, which is performed by the intended mother’s ovarian stimulation with fertile medications. After that uterus of the surrogate mother is prepared to conceive and eggs are collected from uterus of the intended mother.

In Traditional surrogacy, fertility medications are prescribed to the surrogate mothers to maximize egg production through the ovaries. later implantation process is performed with the surrogate mother’s uterus.

Fertilization: In gestational surrogacy (IVF cycle), eggs are fertilized outside the female body by placing egg and sperm together on Petri plate. Which will result in egg fertilization and forming of an embryo.

In traditional surrogacy (IUI cycle), the eggs are fertilized inside the female body by inserting sperm into the surrogate uterus with the help of a catheter. In this process, sperm will travel to eggs and fertilize them.

Result: In the IVF process, it will take two weeks to stabilize and after that surrogate blood test will endorse the pregnancy and conception of the intended parents. In the IUI process, the pregnancy will endorse after three to four weeks of sperm insertion.

Care and check-ups: After the whole process and endorsing pregnancy, the intended parents will provide all essentials and requirements to the surrogate mother. They are also responsible to pay her for regular visits and check-ups to Medical Centre.

Delivery: And the day has come after waiting so long, with a good and healthy pregnancy Surrogate mother will deliver the baby. After waiting patiently for nine months, you will have a child in your arms.

Petty and peppy cost of surrogacy in Kenya

The surrogacy cost in Kenya is fair enough compared to other developed countries. The overall cost of surrogacy in Kenya includes various services.

The cost of surrogacy is only affected by the type of surrogacy, as gestational surrogacy requires an IVF cycle and Traditional Surrogacy requires an IUI cycle for conception both IUI has a much lower price as compared to IVF conception.

The surrogacy cost in Kenya approximately starts from USD 35,000 to USD 40,000, but in countries like USA, UK, Argentina, Columbia, Georgia and Kazakhstan the cost of surrogacy is higher standing at USD 60,000. Even though most developed countries do not allow people from other countries to avail of surrogacy services.

The cost of Surrogacy in Kenya is reasonable and affordable for becoming parents. They provide the best procedures with advanced technologies and many centres and clinics are presented to perform the financial support.

The intended couple will get lots of benefits under the umbrella of the cost of surrogacy in Kenya at different surrogacy centres like Screening process of a surrogate mother, Preparation of legal terms with surrogate mother, egg collection and insertion and delivering and handing of newborn to parents.

In the end, the Overall Surrogacy Cost in Kenya ranges from USD $35,000 to USD $40,000, which is a favourable agreement for people as a last resort!

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