How Much Does IVF cost in Kenya 2022?

Ivf Cost in Kenya
Ivf Cost in Kenya

IVF treatment cost in Kenya 2022: Is a real Bargain

IVF Cost in Kenya is totally based on Marginal Price, which is bearable and reasonable for all.

IVF in Kenya consists of different techniques to achieve pregnancy, proportionally it is also depending on the infertility case of the couple.

Do pay less and have all to access!

People who wish to have a minimum cost can visit Kenya for the AONE facilities and treatment at a bearable cost of IVF in Kenya.

Kenya has experts and talented staff for supporting your personal and medical care, they also offer a comfortable and happening environment during all your IVF process.

The treatment of IVF in Kenya is offered, which is suitable for your pocket parallel for filling your dreams with the curdling and voices of the baby.

Brilliant Idea, to know about IVF!

Both fertility and IVF have a straight connection with each other,

Think why? Coz till yet IVF is the only option to come up from the pain of infertility and to enjoy the phase of parenthood.

IVF is an abbreviated form of In Vitro Fertilization, which is also called Test tube Baby treatment, where sperm and eggs are mingled together to obtain fertilization in a fecundity lab.

IVF is the technologically gifted way of conceiving coz, it treats the embryo with a similar habit as the human body (both mother and father body) attain physiologically after fertilization.

The difference is only that In Virto fertilization, intimation of two bodies is replaced by instruments.

Why prefer Kenya for IVF treatment?

Here, IVFin Kenya is carried out by experienced and fancier professionals, which are specialized in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) and non-ART fertility treatments.

IVF in Kenya helps with the advanced tools and techniques in the field of medical science which is ready and available for both male and female infertility problems. There are various ways of treating infertility like ICSI or IMSI with IVF can be an available option to have own child.

The most vital step for IVF Centre in Kenya is to achieve successful fertilization and which is attained by Kenya doctors so well. Infertility in couples are prime question, but ART has not just provided quality answers for preventing pregnancy, but also a designed key to unlocking all the happiness of couples.

So, don’t be late coz IVF in Kenya is your fate!

Following are some factors for which Kenya is preferred by people to redress the infertility issue:

  • Availability of ART technology
  • Well-turned modus of fertilization
  • Experienced professional and experts to treat infertility
  • Advance facilities customized according to patient
  • Kenya emerged as a successful achiever in treating IVF patients with the finest hospitals, clinics and Centers
  • IVF Cost in Kenya is a most important point for the preference of treatment in Kenya coz, IVF cost in Kenya is light and affordable to all ranges of people as compared to other well-developed countries.
  • Kenya have language translator to facilitate people in communication

Evident Modus employed for IVF in Kenya

Kenya followed basis two Modus for operation Fertilization which is as follows:

  • Conventional Insemination: In this healthy sperm and mature eggs are mixed and incubated for the night.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI): In this method, a single healthy sperm is injected into each mature egg. ICSI is often used when fertilization attempts during a prior IVF cycle get failed.

IVF treatment in Kenya: Concise Commentary on proceedings

IVF treatment involves following 5 steps and takes about two to three weeks or more for smooth and successful results.

  • Prompting Ovulation: This is the first step involved in the IVF treatment process, which initiates with fertility medication, where an intended mother is treated through medication for inducing the ovulation cycle. The treatment is done to improve the attributes and quantum of eggs that are necessary for the process of fertilization.

It is also known as the stimulation step which is performed by This is performed by two major protocols i.e. lengthy and short protocols and includes various medications detailed below:

Various Medication is involved, such as:

Ovarian Stimulation-Medication contains follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), a luteinizing hormone (LH), or a combination of both. This stimulates the ovaries and eggs in more quantity.

For Oocyte maturation-This medication is used when follicles are ready for egg retrieval, after eight to 14 days.  Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or other medication is also considered to help in the maturity of eggs.

To prevent premature ovulation-. This medication prevents the body from the early release of developing eggs.

For preparing the lining of the uterus – This is medication at the time of embryo transfer, and recommended to begin with progesterone to make the lining of your uterus more receptive to implantation.

  • Egg Retrieval: This is the second step of the IVF process, which takes place in a doctor’s clinic within 34 to 36 hours after the final injection and before ovulation.
  • In egg retrieval, the mother will be sedated and medicated for pain.
  • For egg retrieval, transvaginal ultrasound is done to identify the follicles.
  • An abdominal ultrasound takes place if the ovaries of the mother are not accessible through transvaginal ultrasound.
  • Then eggs are retrieved from follicles.
  • After egg retrieval, the mother may experience cramps and feel pressure.
  • A mature egg is placed in a nutritive liquid and incubated and then healthy and mature eggs are mixed with sperm to create embryos.
  • Sperm Retrieval: In this step, the sperm of the intended father or donor is collected, through different methods like testicular aspiration, etc. Then sperm are separated from the semen fluid in the laboratory.
  • Insemination and Fertilization: In this step is also called oocyte selection, in which super quality of embryos are selected that are sufficient for a successful pregnancy.

It is also called sperm washing coz, in this inactive cells and seminal fluids are removed from semen in order to prepare fertilization. After the incubation of sperm and egg is done ,they are forwarded to fertilization in  which sperm and mature eggs are mixed together by different possible ways to make pregnancy happen.

  • Embryo Transfer: This step is initiated in a doctor’s clinic, after two to five days after egg retrieval and may include the following changes or effects:
  • Mother might give a mild sedative, which is painless but have cramps.
  • A thin flexible tube called a catheter is inserted into the vagina of the mother, through the cervix, and into the uterus.
  • The catheter includes a syringe at the end containing one or more embryos, which is suspended a small amount of fluid.
  • To place the embryo or embryos into the uterus, a syringe is used.
  • Result: After about 12 days to 2 weeks after egg retrieval, the doctor takes a sample of blood from the mother to check the pregnancy status.
  • If the mother is pregnant, she will be directed to specialist and parental care.
  • If the mother is not pregnant, the doctor will suggest for attempt another cycle of IVF.

IVF cost in Kenya – Consilient to the pocket of every individual

Do Hurry, but don’t Worry!

Today, Kenya has become the most adorable and favorable place for fertility treatment.

IVF cost in Kenya is a sensible package, but it doesn’t mean that IVF and ART techniques for treatments are so cheap to bear, but some the institution raise the cost to earn profit.

The couples should cross-check all essential matters before going through to the treatment like success rate, fertility Centre and the exact cost.

The basic Cost of IVF in Kenya starts from USD $ 3300, which includes the medication, ultrasound, tests, injections, fertility drugs, egg retrieval process, fertilization, embryo transfer and etc. are included. There is no hidden cost in the Cost of IVF in Kenya.

IVF cost in Kenya varies with infertility case of a couple, it may go up if a couple needs to opt sperm donor or egg donor. But the basic cost of IVF in Kenya includes the full process from the beginning of consultation with ending up to embryo transfer.

The process of IVF in Kenya is followed in multiway with fitted treatments to achieve a healthy and secure pregnancy.

‘Kenya is full of places where couples can get happy twists of life and IVF cost in Kenya for couples is affordable and according to their drift of pockets allows to them’

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