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Affordable IVF Cost in Nairobi 2024: Your Guide to Fertility Treatment Expenses

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is one of the best places to get IVF treatment. Nairobi provides cost-effective IVF treatments to the patients. Recently, Nairobi has been chosen by most people around the globe as this capital offers all types of infertility treatments to infertile couples. Advancements in the fertility industry, high success rate, affordable prices, availability of egg, sperm, and embryo donors, high-quality treatment, etc have attracted a lot of infertile patients to Nairobi.

So if you’re searching for a place to get an IVF treatment, Nairobi is the best option. At Nairobi, your search stops as this place is one of the most trusted and reputed that provides IVF at affordable cost. As the IVF treatment getting recognition because of the infertile couples, getting the insight of IVF Cost in Nairobi is essential. A complete understanding of IVF procedure, cost, and other factors makes the journey of parenthood smooth and easy.

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Introduction to IVF

IVF refers to a procedure in which eggs are retrieved from the woman’s ovary and combined with the man’s sperm outside the woman’s body. Fertilization of the egg forms an embryo then the embryo is monitored for several days until it is completely matured and developed. After the development of the embryo, it is implanted into the uterus of the woman. Implantation results in pregnancy. Moreover, if there eggs are left then eggs are stored or frozen for future use.

IVF is one of the best options that helps you to get pregnant. It is a form of assisted reproductive technology. In short, it is a technology that helps people with fertility problems have a baby.

The procedure of IVF in Nairobi

IVF procedure in Nairobi is easy and not complicated like other infertility treatment procedures. The procedure of IVF in Nairobi includes the following steps:

  1. Consultation: before starting the IVF treatment, consultation is provided to infertile couples. The fertility doctor analyzed the case and conditions and then prescribed the couple suitable fertility treatment. The cost, procedure, and everything related to IVF will be discussed in the session.
  2. Stimulation of ovaries: the fertility doctor provides hormonal medications and injections to stimulate the ovaries. Stimulation of ovaries results in the production of multiple eggs.
  3. Egg retrieval: after the stimulation, eggs are collected from the ovaries using a catheter. It is inserted into the uterus of the woman to collect the eggs.
  4. Sperm collection: on the same day of retrieval of eggs from the female partner, the semen sample is also collected from the male partner.
  5. Fertilization: eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory dish to occur fertilization.
  6. Embryo culture: fertilization results in embryo creation, the further embryo is cultured for a few days to develop more.
  7. Embryo transfer: one or more healthy embryos are carefully selected for implantation in the woman’s uterus.
  8. Pregnancy test: after the 2 weeks of the implantation, a pregnancy test is performed through a blood test. If the results are positive further diet and care are provided to the woman.

Why IVF is recommended in Nairobi?

It is recommended for couples when the couples are struggling with the following issues:

  • IVF in Nairobi is recommended for infertile couples when the couples can’t get pregnant.
  • When couples are not able to get pregnant within a year after several tries.
  • IVF is used to treat the male infertility.
  • It is recommended for women with ovulation disorder, as it results in producing fewer eggs.
  • Unexplained infertility is when tests are unable to find the reason for someone’s infertility.
  • Moreover, it is used to prevent the transmission of genetic problems to a child.

IVF cost in Nairobi
IVF cost in Nairobi

What are the risks of IVF in Nairobi?

IVF has some risks from short term to long term:

  1. Ovarian hyperstimulation: a state in which ovaries swell because of the shorts of infertility medications.
  2. Stress: IVF can cause stress. It is draining for the body, mind, and finances.
  3. Miscarriage: like in normal pregnancy, there’s a risk of miscarriage in IVF.
  4. Multiple pregnancy: IVF causes multiple pregnancies in which more than one child is born.
  5. Premature delivery: according to the research, there’s a slight risk that the baby will deliver early with a low birth weight.

IVF cost in Nairobi

The cost of IVF in Nairobi is up to $3000 and up to 400000 in Kes. This cost can increase or decrease based on several factors such as location, success rate, experience, age, expertise, medication, and cause of infertility. In Nairobi, the cost of IVF is less as compared to other developed countries like the USA, UK, etc. The consultation fees, screening tests, blood tests, ultrasound, sperm analysis, AMH, etc are included in the cost of IVF in Nairobi.

Table of cost of IVF in Nairobi:

IVF in NairobiIVF Cost in Nairobi (USD)
IVF using the self egg$3000 to $3500
IVF using donor egg$5000 to $5500
IVF using donor sperm$3500 to $4500
IVF with ICSI procedure$3000 to $3500
IUI$500 to $1000
IUI using donor sperm$500 to $1500
FET (frozen embryo transfer)$2000 to $2500

Table of cost of IVF in different areas of Nairobi, Kenya:

IVF in Nairobi, KenyaCost of IVF in Nairobi, Kenya (USD)
IVF Cost in Nairobi$3000 to $5500
IVF Cost in Mombasa$3300 to $4500
IVF Cost in Nakuru$3000 to $4000
IVF Cost in Ruiru$3200 to $3500
IVF Cost in Eldoret$3000 to $4000
IVF Cost in Kisumu$3100 to $4500
IVF Cost in Kikuyu$3300 to $5000
IVF Cost in Thika$3100 to $5500
IVF Cost in Naivasha$3500 to $4000
IVF Cost in Karuri$3000 to $4000
IVF Cost in Garissa$3400 to $4000
IVF Cost in Kitale$3300 to $4200
IVF Cost in Juja$3200 to $5300
IVF Cost in Mlolonga$3500 to $5000
IVF Cost in Malindi$3300 to $4500
IVF Cost in Mandera$3500 to $4000
IVF Cost in Kisii$3000 to $5500
IVF Cost in Kakamega$3400 to $5000
IVF Cost in Ngong$3000 to $4500

Is IVF treatment in Nairobi in your budget?

You can discover various infertility treatments in Nairobi. If you are a resident of Nairobi then you can avail various benefits of IVF treatment in Nairobi. If you’re looking for IVF treatment under your budget then you should visit Nairobi and explore the budget-friendly IVF center in Nairobi like Fertility Centre Kenya. This center offers budget-friendly IVF packages to give relief to your pocket. As we already mentioned several factors influence the treatment of IVF Costs in Nairobi so it only takes $3000 to $3500 including all the expenses such as laboratory fees, sonography, clinic fees, medications, anesthesia fees, consultation charges, etc.

What are the factors included in the cost of IVF in Nairobi?

There are several factors included in the cost of IVF in Nairobi:

  • The consultation and diagnostic tests are the first step of IVF. These tests figure out the cause of infertility. Diagnostic tests include an ultrasound for the female partner, semen analysis for the male partner, and blood tests to determine the level of hormones.
  • Medication and drugs are the second factor that is included in the cost of IVF in Nairobi. The medications help stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs and to recover the uterus after retrieving and transferring the eggs into the uterus. The medication and drug cost may vary on the quantity and type of the medications.
  • The additional procedure may also contribute to the cost of IVF in Nairobi. The additional procedure includes the ICSI, FET, IUI, PGD, etc.
  • Fertility center fees, laboratory fees, anesthesia fees, etc are also included in the cost of IVF in Nairobi. 

The success rate of IVF in Nairobi

The success rate of IVF in Nairobi may vary on various factors such as age, cause of infertility, expertise of doctors, experience of center, etc. A high success rate of IVF in Nairobi increases the chances of obtaining a successful pregnancy. Nairobi’s success rate ranges from 70 to 80% in women less than 35 years old. The success rate in advanced-age women above 45 years is 40 to 65%. This range of success rate is high as compared to well-developed Western countries.

IVF cost in Nairobi
IVF cost in Nairobi

Why choose the Nairobi for the IVF treatment?

Mentioned below are some reasons why you should choose the Nairobi for the IVF treatment in Nairobi:

  • Use of advanced reproductive technology
  • Availability of ART technologies
  • High success rate
  • Highly experienced and skilled doctors
  • Affordable cost of IVF or other infertility treatments
  • Amazing infrastructure of hospitals and world-class IVF centres are available in Nairobi.
Why choose Fertility Centre Kenya?

Get in touch with Fertility Centre Kenya to make your dream of parenthood come true. All types of fertility treatments are available in this fertility center such as IVF, ICSI, PGD, IUI, etc. Fertility Centre Kenya helps you to experience parenthood. Our center is equipped with skilled expertise that helps the center in achieving a high success rate. Our fertility center is one of the Best IVF Centre in Nairobi. Our fertility centre is the most patient-focused and assured IVF centre in Nairobi.

Moreover, we come with modern reproductive technologies, modern laboratories, experienced doctors, highly skilled and trained medical staff, great infrastructure, etc. Our center treats both male and female infertility. Our fertility center has modern technologies and equipment that support the new strategies and techniques. Visit Fertility Centre Kenya to get successful IVF treatment as the goal of our center is your dream is our responsibility.


In conclusion, the article is all about the cost of IVF in Nairobi. The IVF procedure is complex and requires highly skilled talent and expertise. The IVF treatment requires experienced expertise that’s why the IVF procedure is expensive. In Nairobi, the cost of IVF is up to $3000 which is affordable and reasonable. It is advised to all infertile couples that when seeking, you should select a reputable fertility center with experienced medical professionals and nurses. An experienced fertility center like Fertility Centre Kenya provides the best possible outcome.


What’s the difference between IVF and surrogacy?

IVF and surrogacy are opposite to each other. IVF involves the fertilization of eggs with the sperm outside the female body on the other hand, surrogacy involves a woman who carries the baby on behalf of the intended mother.

How many days of rest are required after the IVF treatment?

48 hours of rest are required after the IVF treatment. After the 48 hours, the individual can resume the routine activities.

Which fertility center is best for IVF treatment?

Fertility Centre Kenya is best for IVF treatment in Nairobi. This fertility center offers high-quality treatment with utmost comfort to the patients. The center has a high success rate and affordable prices.

At what age IVF is most successful in Nairobi?

Women aged between 20 to 35 years are the most successful age range for IVF treatment in Nairobi.

How much does IVF cost in Nairobi?

The cost of IVF in Nairobi varies based on factors such as clinic reputation, treatment protocols, diagnostic tests, medications, and additional procedures. On average, IVF costs in Nairobi can range up to $3000. Moreover, it is important to remember that IVF cost depends on individual circumstances and the IVF center.

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