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Affordable Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi 2024: Your Path to Parenthood

Do you know what could be the reason for your infertility? If the answer is no, continue reading this article to learn the reason for your infertility and how to handle similar situations.

There are different kinds of situations where people face such problems sometimes people get this from their gens. 

In these situations, it calls genetics infertility. Thoughts of worry are common, if you’re experiencing them, don’t seem surprised; methods might make you feel like a parent.

You will learn about infertility, the causes of infertility, what surrogacy is, how it works, and how much surrogacy will actually cost in Nairobi by reading this article.

To get surrogacy treatment at a lower cost in Kenya:

Understanding Surrogacy in Nairobi

Surrogacy, a remarkable avenue for aspiring parents facing fertility challenges, is increasingly gaining traction in Nairobi through reputable fertility centers like the one in Kenya. This altruistic process involves a woman carrying a child for another individual or couple, offering a path to parenthood. In Nairobi , the fertility center extends its services, providing guidance and support through the intricate surrogacy journey.

With a focus on compassion and professionalism, this center endeavors to facilitate the dreams of parenthood, navigating the legal, medical, and emotional aspects of surrogacy. Understanding the nuances of surrogacy in Nairobi , the associated processes, and the supportive role of fertility centers is crucial for those seeking this alternative route to fulfilling their parenthood aspirations.

What Is Surrogacy?

Unlock the possibility of parenthood with surrogacy. This fertility treatment involves two parties – a couple and the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother carries the baby in her womb for 9 months, helping infertile couples achieve the joy of pregnancy.

The couple bears all expenses and a legal contract is signed before beginning the treatment. The surrogate mother undergoes eligibility tests before the two types of surrogacy – traditional and gestational – commence.

Traditional surrogacy involves the surrogate mother using her own eggs to make an embryo. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo created by the couple’s eggs and sperm is transferred to the surrogate mother.

Before starting the treatment, the surrogate mother undergoes health checks. Egg development, fertilization, and embryo transfer take place in the laboratory.

Don’t let infertility hold you back from experiencing the joy of parenthood – choose surrogacy. 635b821fea77d min

Difference Between Traditional Surrogacy And Gestational Surrogacy.

The basic difference between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy is a process that creates the difference between biological mothers. 

The traditional surrogacy the procedure takes place out by IUI treatment, in which the embryologist places the selected, powerful sperm into the surrogate mother’s womb.

Then the further process proceeds naturally as it goes in normal types of pregnancy. And the couple will take care of the surrogate mother till the delivery.

Meanwhile, in gestational surrogacy, the couple will pay for a laboratory embryo which is used in the case when the female has a feasible ovary to make an embryo in the laboratory.

Then the embryologist will complete the fertilization process in the lab and transfer the embryo to the surrogate mother’s womb. Now the surrogate mother will carry the baby till delivery.

If you want your own biological child, you must choose gestational surrogacy, which is still done by creating an embryo in a laboratory. And in this surrogacy, the child will be matched to the biological mother and father.

Traditional surrogacy it given out after the female patient is unable to cycle. There could be many reasons for not fertilizing. And in this case, the surrogate mother will be the biological mother of the baby.

The genetics of the surrogate mother and the child will be compatible. It won’t be able to connect genes with couples in the situation of gestational surrogacy because couples’ genes should be used in that procedure.

Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi
Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi

Factors Influencing Surrogacy Costs

The cost of surrogacy in Nairobi varies widely depending on several factors.

Medical procedures and services: This includes surrogacy and initial medical screening, infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and obstetric care. Prices vary based on specific medical needs and procedures.

Legal fees: Surrogacy requires a legal agreement between the intended parents and the surrogate, so drafting and revising the agreement may require legal assistance.

Surrogate Mother Compensation and Expenses: This includes fees paid to the surrogate for carrying the baby, covering the cost of the mother’s accommodation, underwear, and other related items.

Agency or Fertility Center Fees: The fertility center or agency managing the surrogacy process charges a fee for its services. Prices vary by center. Insurance and medical costs: The surrogate’s health insurance and the cost of delivering the baby must be factored into the total cost.

Surrogacy Cost In Nairobi?

The cost of surrogacy in Nairobi is around  USD 35,000 to USD 40,000. This included all the expenses which will happen while the treatment such as the IVF cycle, legal expenses, and the surrogate mother’s expenses, home, clothes, food, accommodation, etc.

The cost of surrogacy in Nairobi is different for both surrogacy because the treatment of IUI and IVF is different. 

IVF treatment is more expensive than IUI treatment. So because of this, the cost of surrogacy differs in both cases. The price of the gestational surrogacy IVF cycle might also become carefully calculated.

Cost FactorEstimated Cost Range
Medical Procedures and Services$10,000 – $20,000
Legal Expenses$3,000 – $5,000
Surrogate Compensation and Expenses$15,000 – $25,000
Agency or Fertility Center Fees$5,000 – $10,000
Insurance and Health Care Costs$5,000 – $10,000


In conclusion, the article makes you aware of the surrogacy treatment to complete your family. So you got to know about surrogacy, its type, and the surrogacy cost in Nairobi. There is a top surrogacy center in Kenya where you can get surrogacy services with a free consultation. With highly trained and certified specialists who have done many successful surrogacy treatments. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the best surrogacy center in Nairobi?

The fertility center Kenya is the best surrogacy center in Kenya which provides all the best infertility services with an experienced embryologist. they have done many successful treatments. 

Can a couple get a biological baby with surrogacy?

Yes, it is possible. the couple can get a biological baby in surrogacy with the help of gestational surrogacy. Which is done by IVF treatment.

What should be the age of the surrogate mother?

The age of the surrogate mother needs to be between 20 to 30.

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