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Welcome to Fertility Centre Kenya

Fertility Centre Kenya helps couples realize the wonderful bond called family.

25+ Years of Experience

WE are directed care rooted in international practices and believe in delivering high-quality services. Our team has experienced specialists, who manage the center so adroitly in the scope of fertility Management.

Over 95% Success Rate

Fertility Centre Kenya focuses on attributes of outcomes through outstanding care of patients, Centre Bestow surplus vindication to the patient traveling to Kenya.

3000+ Successful Surrogacy

Our tools, updated techniques, and services are extraordinary instead of cost, which allows the drift of pocket of every common person.

Advanced Technologies

They are a technologically leading Centre to confers the promoted fertility services with a simple outpatient procedure and nourished staff.

Fertility Centre Kenya: #1 Destination to Get Affordable IVF/Surrogacy in Kenya

We made unexplained stories and create bundles of moments for couples, commitment to glow your smile is only possible with extraordinary techniques! Fertility Centre Kenya is key for unlocking the puzzles of your life through classic techniques, excellent treatment, friendly cost, supreme care, and cherished result.

Fertility Treatments We offer

Our Fertility Treatments Includes The Following.

IVF Treatment

IVF is the most commonly used fertility treatment, with talented and supporting staff, personal and medical care


who can fill pleasure happenings in your life. Yes, you are at the right place where you can choose a surrogate mother for your baby


Chasing for, screening test executing on the embryo, for a more successful pregnancy, assisted hatching for attracting cells for testing


Hunting for Centre, which can provide you with an advanced production method, stands for Intracytoplasmic sperm injection


high proportion of abnormal sperm production, IMSI stands for Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection

Egg Freezing

Opportunity to save a women’s ability of pregnancy in future, successful harvesting of eggs, the best quality of frozen eggs.

Test Tube Baby

Thinking of reproduction, beyond intimating physically, use of medical intervention for fertilization, artificial insemination,

IUI Treatment

Hunting for safe and simple reproductive treatments, IUI stands for Insemination or intrauterine insemination

Meet the Team

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best treatment, be gentle and give you a pleasant experience

Alex Hayes


Brooke Turner

IVF Expert

Paul Thompson

IVF Expert

Jane Watkins


Do you have Infertility Problem and want to discuss with us?

Sometimes, a patient can experience a situation of deep discomfort and pain, that may indicate the need of immediate medical attention. For this reason, we always have a doctor on call, ready to address these emergencies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you are in an emergency situation!

Patient Testimonials

Every time I visit Fertility Centre Kenya, I feel stress-free to have a friendly environment. Their specialists are amazing and show true professionalism in treating patients. I am thankful for their role in our life, which help us to reach our fantasy.

Mariana Lima


I highly recommend, fertility Centre Kenya for any fertility assistance, they are excellent in every way. They care about each and every patient individually so, that patients feel comfortable and relaxed with the professionals.

George Phan


My visit to a fertility centre in Kenya was awesome, their staff and fertility specialist are so friendly and knowledgeable. I had the very wonderful experience of treatment in a fertility centre in Kenya, which gave me a chance to live a full of my life.

Jon Pata


I had to try for pregnancy for so many years, but the fertility centre gave me hope of surety that it would happen and nothing is more grateful than this. Their environment and staff are so caring and well managed.

Kevin Muller


We lost all hopes and thought it would never happen in our life and searched for various centres and clinics for treatment. Finally found the place, which makes things possible for us, and in a way afford it. Thanks, fertility centre Kenya for filling our life with unexpected joy and happiness.

Sandra Tempah


The fertility centre and its entire teams are truly a lifesaver, they always make our experience so easy and possible. They answer the query of their patients so patiently to make things understandable.

Marcus Blake


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